Serve On A Team

If you are a member of the Foothills Emmaus Community or if you have attended an Emmaus-type weekend in another community and now live in the area, you are eligible to serve on a Emmaus team!

Foothills Emmaus Walk 60 Volunteer Signup links:

Men's Agape: Foothills Emmaus: Agape Men's Walk - Spring 2024

Women's Agape: Foothills Emmaus: Agape Women's Walk - Spring 2024

Housing: Foothills Emmaus: Housing - Spring 2024

Ice cream: Foothills Emmaus: Ice Cream Sign Up - Spring 2024

Literature: Foothills Emmaus: Literature - Spring 2024

Men's Candlelight: Foothills Emmaus: Men's Candlelight Sign-Up - Spring 2024

Women's Candlelight: Foothills Emmaus: Women's Candlelight Sign-Up - Spring 2024

Men's Kitchen: Foothills Emmaus: Men's Kitchen Sign-Up - Spring 2024

Women's Kitchen: Foothills Emmaus: Women's Kitchen Sign-Up - Spring 2024

Men's Refreshments: Foothills Emmaus: Refreshments - Men's Walk - Spring 2024

Women's Refreshments: Foothills Emmaus: Refreshments - Women's Walk - Spring 2024

Send off Refreshments: Foothills Emmaus: Send Off Refreshments - Spring 2024

Transportation Men: Foothills Emmaus: Transportation - Men's Walk - Spring 2024

Transportation Women: Foothills Emmaus: Transportation - Women's Walk - Spring 2024

There are several ways to volunteer. Here’s how:

  • Email the Team Selection Board Member
    Send you email to Foothills Emmaus Board Chair as appropriate with your request.